Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Our sweet Spencer

Spencer is such a sweet boy. He is loving, friendly and kind to everyone. He loves babies and toddlers and especially loves our friend Jill's little girls Alaina and Gabrielle. He is usually obedient to my requests, although he says "you make me work so hard." 

Spencer is who I call my "screen" child. He LOVES anything with a screen. The list includes the TV, laptop, wii, my ipod, and  my phone. He obsesses big time, to the point of turning into a different kid. I keep telling Darin we need to stage an intervention:) It is the worst when I put a new game on my ipod. My friends came a couple weekends ago and showed us a new game, so now he wants to play all the time. 

 Spencer likes to be outside. He loves rocks, dirt, water, all the "earthy type things." Last weekend we went to see the water and we had such a great time. He loves to throw rocks and sticks into the water. Spencer LOVES sticks, as well. He is getting quite adept at climbing on our tree house. He climbs up the slide, and also climbs from the main part of the tree house to the roof of the playhouse. He loves to climb trees. He has a favorite at the Lee RECenter. Each time we go, he runs straight to that tree.
 Spencer is quick to do what I ask him. He knows what he wants, and if I tell him exactly what he needs to do, he gets it done to get his reward. He is focused when it comes to his homework-he wants to get it finished as quick as he can to get on with other things he wants to do. Although he gets frustrated when daddy isn't here since mommy doesn't speak Spanish. Mommy is happy when the teacher sends it home with English instructions!!

Spencer is getting better and better at reading as well. He also loves to help Landon read Bob books. Spencer loves playing with Landon. I found a paper at school where he wrote "my best friend is my brother Landon." He is generous with his brother, sister and his friends. He will share what he has if someone doesn't have something. 

We are so thankful you are in our family, Spencer!!

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